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Return Policy.

Hype Mining will accept returns of Miners only in two circumstances: (1) Miner(s) that are DOA; and (2) Miner(s) deemed to have MA Hash Not Met. The terms DOA and MA Hash Not Met. Only Miner(s) that have either of the above-stated Technical Issues are returnable. If your Miner(s) are not DOA or MA Hash Not Met, hype mining will not accept a return of the Miner(s).

Shipping Policy.

When You purchase Equipment, Hype will arrange for shipment of the Equipment to its Equipment Warehouse. Hype will notify You when the Equipment has been delivered to the Equipment Warehouse. In arranging the shipment and transportation of Your Equipment to the Equipment Warehouse, Hype may engage third parties such as carriers, transportation providers, or other entities. You will not be responsible for the costs of shipping Equipment to the Equipment Warehouse. If there are applicable taxes, such as import or export taxes, or sales tax, You are not responsible for payment of those costs in connection to the shipment of the Equipment to the Equipment Warehouse. Hype mining will make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure delivery of Equipment to the Equipment Warehouse within a reasonable time. However, hype mining will not be liable to You for any damage (whether actual, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or otherwise) caused by a delay in shipping, unless it is caused by Hype mining’s gross negligence or intentional tort.

Once You are notified that the Equipment has been delivered to the Equipment Warehouse, You are solely responsible for arranging the pickup, or shipment and transportation of the Equipment from the Equipment Warehouse to the Final Destination. Hype mining will provide You with the information, and costs of using a PSC to assist in the transportation of your Equipment from the Equipment Warehouse to the Final Destination. You may decline to use PSC or accept their shipping services at your sole discretion. Hype Mining is not affiliated, partnered, or otherwise associated with the PSC. Hype Mining does not control the PSC, accept payment on their behalf, negotiate fees or rates on their behalf or control their methods, manner, or shipping practices. Although you are not responsible for shipping costs or taxes associated with the shipment of your Equipment to the Equipment Warehouse, You will be responsible for the costs and expenses associated with shipment from the Equipment Warehouse to the Final Destination. 

Equipment must be picked up, moved, or otherwise transported from the Equipment Warehouse by You within the Delivery Grace Period. If the Purchaser fails to transport the Equipment within the Delivery Grace Period, Hype Mining may charge a Storage Fee. You must pay any Storage Fees prior to shipment of the Equipment, and Hype mining may refuse to release Your Equipment if you fail to pay outstanding Storage Fees.


Dear customers you have a due date before you can request a refund. within a period of 30days after your purchase you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Method of refund:

The same form of payment used as credit card or Crypto-currency.

Product Condition:

The item must be the same in the time of return.

Refund Contact Info:

Incase you want to reach to us for details about your refund, you can send an email to [email protected], state the subject of your email as ” REQUEST REFUND “


In case of return shipping, the buyer has to pay any cost or charges incurred.

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