Mining Datacenter Overview.

Let your devices perform under best conditions at low electricity rates with experienced support.

Low electricity and handling costs

Monthly one time payments from 0,069 EUR / kWh with a handling fee of 5,00 EUR in the basic package or 15,00 EUR in the premium package.

Find out more here about our packages.


Possible in our russian miningfarm’s if you fullfill the device amount of 5

Top Security

All our miningfarms are secured by cameras and security personal

Secured Shipment

Insured shipments to our datacenters with a shipment time of 2-3 weeks after final release.

Individual IT-Support

Professional help in every case given by our workers in different languages.

Tax Returns

VAT-saving of mining-hardware when entering our datacenters

Repair Center

On site repair possibilities with contact to official manufacturers.

Legal contracts

Elaborated contracts with partnered companies.

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