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Bitcoin mining is solving mathematical equations — just really fast. That is why you need massive computational power to not only solve these mathematical queries quickly, but also quicker than everyone else in order to reap the rewards.

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Instead of using a personal computer, Bitcoin mining can also be done using specialised hardware called application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). The catch is that a particular ASIC can only be used to mine for a particular cryptocurrency. So, for Bitcoin, an ASIC miner would be optimised to solve its particular algorithm.

Bitcoin mining is a crucial part of the Bitcoin network. But to most Bitcoin holders it’s a relatively mysterious business. Mining is where Bitcoin connects the internet to the real world. A lot of electricity is needed for mining, and it’s crucial for the protection of the 18 million Bitcoins, worth today $180 billion, stored using Bitcoin’s decentralized financial records.

Mining is a very competitive business. Every 10 minutes, approximately, hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin mining computers around the world start competing for a new batch of 6.25 Bitcoins. The greater the quantity of mining chips that they are running, and the stronger they are, the higher the chances their owner have to win new Bitcoins.

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Creating new ‘pages’ needs to be provably expensive. To create a new page, the mining network is assigned a sort of puzzle, called a hash function, by the Bitcoin program. Solving this type of puzzle takes many resources- expensive ASICs and a lot of electricity to run them around the clock. The name of this puzzle is known as the hash function SHA-256. When the SHA-256 puzzle is solved by trial and error by one of the mining machines around the world, the new ‘page’,which in the world of Bitcoin is called a block, is mathematically stamped by the miner with the answer to the puzzle (and added to the block-chain). Each new block contains approved Bitcon transaction. The miner who solved the SHA-256 puzzle and stamped the new block with it, is automatically given by Bitcoin’s protocol 6.25 bitcoins.

Creating a new block and receiving compensation in Bitcoin is what keeps the miners working. If a miner would decide to add a damaged block or a block containing false transactions, even though it is stamped with the correct solution, the Bitcoin network would reject that page. The compensation of a miner is inscribed in this corrupted page, so his resources would be wasted. The miner’s job is only to create financial ‘weight’ for each page, while the rest of the network protects the legality of the transactions.

The Bitcoin network controls the speed of the creation of blocks by automatically adjusting the difficulty of the puzzle. The whole point of using the SHA-256 puzzle is that its difficulty can be changed according to how much mining power is connected to the network, so that the cost of mining is connected to Bitcoin’s value.

Miners create financial weight to Bitcoin’s records, so we can tell these are the real records. Linking each page to the previous one is done by using hash-links also known as block-chains. Combining the provable chronological order between each page in the Bitcoin records with the financial weight of each individual page created by the miners makes Bitcoin’s books unbreakable.

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Most people buy Bitcoin off crypto exchanges, but that’s not the only way for a person to get their hands on the world’s oldest cryptocurrency — they can also mine for it. Unlike mining for gold that used to happen on river beds and deep within caverns, Bitcoin mining happens on the blockchain.

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